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Trimming the Fur

Grooming Services

Welcome to Isabels Dog Grooming, where you can experience quality services with a gentle touch. Our experienced groomer understands how to make sure your dog is well looked after and deeply cared for.

Puppy's First Grooming From $98 to $148

Puppy grooming services are usually available for puppies under 12 months old.

Puppy's first grooming is an important step in their life as it helps them get used to being handled and prepares them for future grooming sessions.


It includes brushing, trimming of nails, cleaning of ears, giving them a bath and gentle blow dry. We take time to slowly introduce this to your pup as to not scare them.


Introducing them to grooming early (after the final vaccine) can help reduce stress and anxiety during future sessions and promote a healthy coat and overall well-being.

Perfect Puppy Pampering: First Grooming Tips - Read more

Tidy (Hygiene - legs - face) - $98 to $138

Tidy service is to help keep your pup looking neat in between full grooms. We will typically only do a bath, sanitary trim, trim up the legs and feet and tidy the face. 


Tidy services do not include a body clip or any styling.

Nail Clipping - $10 to $20

We offer a nail clipping walk-in service, you can pop in anytime between 10AM to 5PM from Tuesday to Friday without needing to book an appointment.

Dremel nail clipping $30

Premium Add-ons from $18 to $50

$20 Eye Cleaning Wipes 

$10 Ear Wax Cleaning 

$20 Teeth Brushing

$20 Paw & Nose Balm

$15 Luxury Face Maassage

$30 Luxury Body Massage

$10 Whitening Shampoo 

$20 Nails Painting

30% from 3 options

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Wash & Dry - $68 to $148

Our groomers will thoroughly clean your fur kid's coat using only the best shampoos. We have a range of different shampoos to suit your pups needs and their skin types as to not cause irritations or reactions.

After the bath, a high velocity dryer is used to dry and fluff up the coat. This service helps to keep your fur kid feeling fresh. This also helps to prevent any matting.

Full Groom - $128 to $238

Full grooming service is a bath, a full body haircut of your choice, nail clipping, ear cleaning and plucking. Anal glands are done on request only.

We usually suggest getting a full groom done every 6-12 weeks, depending on how long you prefer to keep the fur, the pup's fur condition and how often you're brushing at home.

Double-Coated - $138 to $218

Our deshedding service starts with blowing the coat with the high velocity dryer to remove dead undercoat before bath. We then use a deshedding shampoo and brush it through your fur kids coat, followed by a deep conditioner. We use the high velocity dryer to fully dry their coat and remove any left over undercoat. We make sure to dry the coat all the way down to the skin to avoid hotspots. After the bath they will get a nail trim, sanitary trim and we will trim around the paws and bum.

Premium Add-ons from $18 to $40

$20 Long Fur Trim 
$20 - $40 Matting and Knots
Depending on the severity, an extra charge for the detailed attention needed to handle matting and knots.
$20 Off-Hours Pickup/Drop-off: Any pickup or drop-off services outside regular working hours for your convenience.


What Our Clients Say

Trimming the Fur

Our 10 year old golden retriever went to Isabels Dog Grooming for the first time last week and we were very impressed. The team listened carefully to our requests and when we returned to pick her up, they checked to make sure that our pup had been groomed and clipped exactly as we wanted. Our dog is usually nervous in new places, but she seemed happy with the environment at Isabels. The groomers did an excellent job and we will be returning for another visit in the New Year.

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