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Experience Unmatched Luxury Dog Boarding This Easter in Canberra

Updated: Mar 18

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Planning an Easter getaway from Canberra and worrying about where your furry friend will stay? Look no further! Our luxury dog boarding service in Canberra offers a unique, pampering experience that sets a new standard for pet care. This Easter, give your dog the gift of a luxurious holiday, where they'll enjoy unparalleled comfort and attention, making their stay as special as your vacation.

What Makes Our Luxury Dog Sitting Exceptional:

Gourmet Dining Experience: 

dog fresh food

Every day, your dog will savor freshly cooked meals, prepared wih love and tailored to their dietary needs and preferences. It's a fine dining experience that elevates their stay, ensuring they're not just well-fed, but truly indulged.

Sleeping Arrangements Fit for Royalty:

dog cage free boarding

Forget about standard kennels; our guests enjoy sleeping in the same room as their caregivers, with the option to snuggle up on the bed with us. This level of comfort and companionship ensures they feel secure, loved, and part of the family, making their separation from you easier.

Why Our Service Stands Out This Easter:

This Easter, don't settle for ordinary pet boarding. Our luxury dog boarding service in Canberra offers something far beyond the norm. With the addition of freshly cooked meals and cozy, familial sleeping arrangements, we provide a truly home-like environment. Your dog will enjoy the freedom of our large, enclosed garden, and the indoor comfort with outdoor access ensures they have the best of both worlds.

Tailored Care and Extravagant Comfort:

dog day care and walking in canberra

Our commitment to your dog's happiness and well-being is unmatched. We understand the importance of exercise and mental stimulation, which is why we include daily walks to Taylor Mountain, offering an adventure that stimulates their senses and provides ample socialization opportunities.

Easter Specials Just for Your Dog:

dog outdoor daycare in canberra

Exclusive Care: To ensure the highest quality of attention and care, we limit our boarding to a few lucky dogs. This guarantees that your pet receives the individualized pampering and attention they deserve.

- Discounted Grooming Services: Book a stay over the Easter holidays and receive a 10% discount on our grooming services, ensuring your dog looks as good as they feel when it's time to go home.

- Added Training Options: For those looking to enhance their dog's manners or learn new skills, we offer specialized training programs for an additional fee, providing a holistic approach to their well-being.

Choose a Luxurious Easter Retreat for Your Dog:

In Canberra and looking for a dog boarding service that goes above and beyond this Easter? Our luxury dog sitting offers an exclusive, nurturing environment where your pet will enjoy all the comforts of home—and then some. From gourmet meals to sleeping by our side, we provide a level of care and luxury that's unparalleled.

Ensure your dog's holiday is as fabulous as yours.

Contact us today to secure their spot for an Easter filled with luxury, love, and plenty of pampering. At our premier Canberra dog boarding facility, we're not just caring for your dog; we're giving them an unforgettable holiday experience.

For booking our Dog Boarding Services, please message us on 0468 346 868. For more details, check out Luxury Dog Boarding in Canberra

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