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Paws Academy
Dog Grooming, Puppy Training & Animal Care Courses

Welcome to Paws Academy — your gateway to expertise in dog grooming, puppy training, and certified animal care. Dive into our diverse courses, tailored to empower every pet enthusiast, from passionate beginners to industry professionals. Let's embark on a transformative journey together, ensuring the best for our furry friends.

Paws Academy: Courses for Pet Lovers

Dog Grooming Courses:

Dive into professional dog grooming with our tailored courses, offering hands-on training for both beginners and seasoned pet owners


Dog Training for Puppy Owners

Empower yourself with effective dog training techniques; from establishing strong puppy bonds to mastering adult dog obedience


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Animals Care Industry Courses

Join our certification programs, from entry-level animal care to advanced vet nursing, and excel in the animal healthcare industry


Discover Paws Academy: Our Journey, Vision & Accreditation

Every academy has its genesis, and ours is a tale of passion, dedication, and love for pets. At Paws Academy, we don't just teach; we inspire. Delve into our story to understand who we are, the heart behind our team, and the essence of our courses tailored just for you.

Paws Academy began with a singular vision: to empower every pet lover. From our humble beginnings, we've expanded, fueled by a shared love for animals and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our core values revolve around genuine care for pets, unparalleled service to our students, and a curriculum that sets us apart in the industry.

We're proud to be a training center for the Heiniger Academy Certificate III in Animal Care Services (Pet Grooming). Additionally, as an Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing training provider, we're nationally accredited with the Australian Standards Quality Authority (ASQA) in collaboration with the Australian Animal Care Institute. This ensures we deliver quality animal care and veterinary nursing qualifications directly to you, turning your passion for animals into an exciting career.

Our courses hold a significant mark of distinction: they are nationally recognized qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Every course we offer is designed meticulously, ensuring you receive hands-on knowledge, skills, and the credentials you need to thrive in the Animal Care industry. Dive deeper into our world, and let us guide you on a journey that transforms your love for animals into a fulfilling profession.

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