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4 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Doggy daycare is a great way to keep your fur-kid mentally and physically active during the day so that you can come home to a happy, relaxed kid.

For socialization

dogs having fun at doggy daycare

Dogs, originally pack animals, crave companionship and socialization. With domestication, their environment changed and they seldom experience the natural pack lifestyle. Doggy daycare offers an ideal solution. It fulfills their social need to belong, offering an opportunity to interact and play with other dogs. Importantly, doggy daycare helps them learn the 'doggie language', promoting appropriate social behavior

Cut down bad habits

fun time at dog daycare

Many of us work long hours and our doggie companions are left alone more than 60% of the time. This can lead to boredom, separation anxiety and developing bad habits, like chewing prized-possessions, incessant barking, and indoor accidents. Putting such bored dogs to day care adds stimulation to them and if they're not home, they can't very well chew the furniture.


Frankie and his early drink

Many breeds that we keep were originally bred for working. Now they sleep, eat, look out the window, and to break the monotony: eat. The result is overweight dogs. For large dogs such as Labradors, too much weight can be harmful to the joints. Attending a doggie day care that emphasizes exercises and daily walks is vital to the longevity of many breeds.

Happy dogs!

let's share the beddie

Imagine spending an entire day with your best friends and coming home, tired but happy. This is what we aim to provide for your doggie friends. A tired but happy doggie makes for an obedient and cuddley companion who is contented to just snuggle close to you at the end of the day.

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