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Pebbles and her new pet wheelchair

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

This is Pebbles! An adorable 2 year old Havanese who calls Tammara from Isabel’s Dog Grooming her mum.

Pebbles was born really "special", which manifests in her front legs being shorter than her back legs, which makes walking very challenging and often painful. In the past year Tammara has been on a wide-ranging search for a device that would enable Pebbles to continue to live her best life, in a way that would make moving around a lot easier and comfortable. What she found was a great device – a pet wheelchair! - that supports Pebbles’ weight, takes the heaviness and pressure off her front legs and, very importantly, enables her to better keep up with her two Havanese fur siblings – doing what dogs do – like endless walks on the beach and going out partying and dancing with her furiends on the weekend. It’s a dog’s life.

The pet wheelchair is designed with animals with a disability in mind; animals that are either born with a disability or have incurred an injury through an accident that makes walking or running difficult if not impossible. The pet wheelchair works a bit like a walking frame and this one can be customized, including for a full-size dog in preparation for when they get bigger and potentially more exploratory, and also, importantly, for when they get older and might walk to take more leisurely strolls and take on more stress-free hobbies, rather than going about life at break-neck puppy-speed. The harness straps the dog in, is very easy to put in place and distributes the weight evenly so as not to put pressure on the sore, injured or disabled area.

Isabel’s Dog Grooming is actually really impressed with how content Pebbles is when she’s strapped in to her pet wheelchair, particularly its versatility and how comfortable she looks. In fact, Isabel’s would like to help out other animals that may be in the same situation as Pebbles. Why? Because we love animals, and especially love dogs, and want to give animals that are in an unfortunate position a chance to walk or run again.

Kristy from Isabel’s Dog Grooming supports dog rescue services overseas and has contacts with manufacturers of dog wheelchairs and has come up with a wonderful idea to help dogs in need of a pet wheelchair. If you think this might be something that could work for your dog and are interested in trialing them in a pet wheelchair Kristy would love for you to bring in your furgirl or boy in so we can try it on, and then if doggo and you are happy, we can measure them up and send the details to the manufacturer.

It gets better. If the owner is unable to afford it, Kristy is happy to provide 50% support towards the cost of the pet wheelchair. All you need to do is provide a deposit of 50% of the total cost and then you can keep the product for as long as the animal needs it. And then you will get a full refund on returning the product, which can then be used for other pets in need.

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