We are in the process of building an effective team that is able to help with our daycare, grooming, and photography requirements professionally.

We are looking for individuals that have a great love for dogs, are patient with both dogs and people, while having the relevant skills required for the job. Attention to detail is a must and they should feel empowered to voice their opinions.


what you get from us:

+ if you join us as a dog washer, you will get opportunity to learn how to groom on you own time after work.

+ free meals + snacks + soft drinks at all time and you can choose what snacks you would like each week

+ staff who work for us more than 2 years would have opportunities to improve their skills through Online Courses or at CIT to get certificates without paying for the course ( If you won't finish the course in time you have to pay back the fee)

+ Team building every year during Christmas time ( > 3 year staff will get a free airline ticket, >1 year will get 1/2 ticket). Our next plan will be to travel to Vietnam on 26th Dec 2022 for 1 week.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Some dog handling experience, preferably in bathing, as it is an entry-level position.

  • Good personal hygiene and appropriate dress.

  • Pleasant personality capable of working in a team environment.

  • A respect and appreciation for dogs.

  • Able to undertake slight to moderate physical activities.


Dog Washers
  • The Dog Washer is part of the team, committed to providing the highest standards of professionalism and is an integral part of the teams cooperation to help provide our quality services.

  • Dog Washers have to meet our requirements of washing and drying Small and Medium Dogs in 20 minutes and Larger Dogs in 40 minutes.


  • Capable of completing full grooms daily, including: Pattern Style, Face, Feet and Tail Pre-Clips.

  • Capable of performing dog baths daily.

  • Ability to work unsupervised and the ability to delegate tasks when necessary.

Do you have no experience but are crazily in love with dogs?

- Not to worry :). We provide training and opportunities for everyone to work and learn at the same time. Send us your resume at Info@IsabelsDogGrooming.com.au and we can discuss more options when you come in for your interview.

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