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Housebreaking Your Puppy

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

There are plenty of articles you will find on the net and in books, but here I will introduce you with such a housebreaking method which will never let you down.

puppy training at home

The arrivals of new puppies are always a matter of great excitement for any family. But soon the family members feel the urgency of puppy housebreaking because this training teaches the new housemates about what is right and what is wrong. It also makes them aware about some basic rules of the house.

Your puppy is not at all concern about the places where he has to pee or poop. So he does these stuffs anywhere and anytime. This housebreaking training will help you to make your dog familiar with those places where he can do these stuffs.

Puppy Housebreaking Step By Step

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This technique is applicable when you are at home and ready to deal with your puppy. Follow these steps attentively to teach your dog housebreaking.

You can use a perfect crate or kennel for your puppy. A perfect crate means a crate which is not too small or too big. It also has to be comfortable. Make sure that your puppy can easily stand and turn around inside the crate.

You can also use a small area with some equipment like a dog bed, water bowl and some toys. Never keep a puppy toilet in this selected area.

  1. Choose a spot outside where you want your puppy to do his toilet works.

  2. Your puppy is not allowed to have free run in the early stage. He must be confined. After every 1 hour lead your puppy to the selected area for the toilet.

  3. After reaching that area start walking around and give him a short phrased command like “Hurry UP” or something like that. Give the command in a firm and clear voice. Always strict on one command. The idea is to create an association between the command and the emptying out.

  4. If your dog follows your command and finish the emptying job perfectly praise him and reward him instantly. This act will make your puppy understand that you are happy with him. But if your puppy doesn’t show any sign of eliminating then take him in and try again after twenty minutes.

  5. After every successful toilet visit give him some free time to play inside the house. Then again lead him back in the crate or selected area.

  6. Strict in this 1 hour puppy housebreaking training schedule. Your goal is to prevent the mistakes and at the same time developing good habits in this little creature.

  7. Set an alarm in your clock at night. You have to take him in the toilet area at least for once at night and if possible twice because at the early age it is very hard for your puppy to hold on all night. If you can do this hard work at the beginning you and your puppy will sleep peacefully all through night in future.

If everything goes well and you follow these steps rightly your dog will learn this technique within a few days. Never punish him for making a mistake. Remember that even a well trained dog can make a mistake. So be patient and keep focus. Only your love and praise can help him to adopt these good habits.

puppy toilet train

Some General Rules:

  1. Puppy potty training is actually a training to create good habits in the early age of your puppy. Just keep him away from making mistakes and gradually establish good habits because dogs are creature of habit.

  2. Your puppy doesn’t know the difference between your living room and backyard. When he feels like he has to pee or poop, he just goes and does it. It is your responsibility to teach him where he can do these and where not.

  3. Just keeping your back door open after a certain interval will not help you to teach your dog housebreaking.

  4. The natural instinct of a puppy is to keep his sleeping place dry and clean. So you can use this valuable knowledge to potty train your puppy.

  5. Patience is the key for this training. No matter how attentively you follow the housebreaking techniques mistakes can be happened. Don’t be frustrated. Just make sure that you are working hard to erase those mistakes.

  6. The strategy of my housebreaking techniques is to monitor the puppy closely and so a little confinement is a must. But this confinement will lead your puppy to greater freedom in future.

  7. You have to understand the capabilities of your puppy. Don’t expect too much from him. Always bear in mind that you are working with a very little animal. At the early age it doesn’t have much control as a result they can’t hold for long time. A scientific examined rule is that a puppy can hold an hour more than its age in months. It means a 1 month old puppy can hold for 2 hours. ( Holding capability= Age in month+1)

  8. Strictly follow the puppy food and water schedule. Everyday give him food at the same time. Never give him food or water just before going to bed. Follow this schedule everyday because what goes inside timely comes outside timely as well.

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